Katherine Heigl Faces Backlash After Posting Video of Son in Baby Jumper

Katherine Heigl often uses social media to share sweet photos and videos of her three kids, opening herself up to mom shaming every time she chooses to share even a glimpse of her children. Her latest foray into the world of judgemental moms came when she shared a video of her 1-year-old son, Joshua, in a baby jumper.

The clip sees Joshua share a snack with the family dog before eating some himself.

"He wants you to share your cheese, bud," Heigl tells her son. "Oh, that's very nice! Sharing your cheese."

After Joshua eats his own piece, Heigl notes, "Oh! Really sharing. That's kinda gross."

Both Joshua and his mom let out a laugh as the video ends, showing that there's no shortage of fun in the Heigl household.

"Sharing is caring!" the actress wrote. "#thoseheavenlydays include a loyal companion made even more so with cheese bribes!"

While many would simply focus on the baby and dog present in the video, there were a few eagle-eyed mom shamers that criticized Heigl for putting Joshua in a baby jumper.

"I adore you so much but these things are really bad for the baby's hips and backs, please don't put your kids in those things, I'm just saying with the best intentions at heart!" wrote one concerned commenter.

"Hello from Europe, we don't use these things as well," added a second. "Lots of crawling, bare feet... Baby should not be put in vertical position before he can do it himself."

Despite the criticism, many of Heigl's followers had nothing but nice things to say about the adorable toddler.

"He is such a joyous boy!!" one fan wrote. "Just love him."

"He's such a happy baby," another gushed. "He's adorable."

Along with Joshua, Heigl and her husband, musician Josh Kelley, are also parents to daughters Naleigh, 9, and Adalaide, 5.

The group, along with Heigl's 15-year-old niece, Madison, who lives with them full time, recently jetted off to Mexico for some fun in the sun.


"First family vacation in two years…man am I grateful to be here!" Heigl wrote in a slideshow shared on Instagram. "#Thoseheavenlydays are sun soaked ocean views enjoyed with friends and family!"

Photo Credit: Instagram / @katherineheigl