Kate Upton Bundles up Her Baby Bump in New Photo

Kate Upton is bundled up for fall, disguising her baby bump in her latest Instagram post.Upton [...]

Kate Upton is bundled up for fall, disguising her baby bump in her latest Instagram post.

Upton announced her first pregnancy back in July, with husband, Houston Astross pitcher Justin Verlander. Now a few months in, she is enjoying some downtime in style. Saturday's new post boasted apparel by Canada Goose, a company that makes everything from parkas for full-blown adventurers to the casual blanket Upton was draped in in her picture.

(Photo: Instagram / Kate Upton)

"Fall is finally here!!" she wrote along with two leaf emojis.

The post picked up over 123,000 likes in a matter of hours, as well as a whole lot of comments from her followers. Upton got a few compliments on her laid back look, though a lot of fans were concerned by Canada Goose's treatment of animals in its fur products.

"Kate! Please don't support Canada Goose!" wrote one fan.

"Canada Goose harms animals for their fur," added another, with broken heart emojis.

"Canada Goose is [an] Animal killer, what's wrong with you?!" added a third.

Upton did not respond to the criticism, and most of her followers seemed to take it in stride as well.

"[Laughing out loud], you can not put a damn thing on social media without being attacked!" someone wrote.

"I figured you'd get a lot of hate for this," noted another person. "Don't listen to the nay sayers. You do you. Much love."

Upton has bigger things to worry about as she navigates her first pregnancy ever. She has taken the opportunity to model clothing she has never worn before. She has adjusted well so far, and last month she told PEOPLE that Verlander was actually hoping for the pregnancy to bring more changes to their shared diet.

"Justin was the most excited about weird cravings," Upton said. "He kept being like, 'I can't wait for the pickle run in the middle of the night.' I'm like, 'Okay.' But I haven't had anything. I'm fine with all food."

Updon said that she took just one month off from the gym during her pregnancy, while she was exhausted from travel and work. She is back at it now, though she says her workouts are a lot different than they used to be.

"What I'm working toward is different. Instead of working toward being super fit, I'm strengthening my pelvic [area] and doing a lot of hip thrusts, body-weight hip thrusts and lunges and squats to help with delivery and make it easier, hopefully," Upton told PEOPLE. "Fingers crossed."

Upton first announced her pregnancy in July, though her due date is still unclear.