Kailyn Lowry Calls out Kylie Jenner for 'Glamorizing' Teen Pregnancy

Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry called out Kylie Jenner for "glamorizing" teen pregnancy in a new podcast interview.

While on Make Speidi Famous Again with Spencer and Heidi Pratt Monday, Lowry suggested Jenner, who just turned 21 this month, is making being a young mother look appealing.

"I don't want to hate her because obviously she's so successful, but when you're that young and you have that much money and you're able to have a nanny or have a lot of help, I think that shows that it's kind of glamorous to have a kid so young," Lowry told the Pratts.

Jenner's situation is different from Teen Mom stars, since Jenner is almost a billionaire and was already 20 when Stormi Webster was born, but Lowry noted that Jenner's young pregnancy was met with a much different response from the Teen Moms.

"She wasn't a teenager [when Kylie had Stormi,] so obviously it's slightly different, but we got a lot of backlash for Teen Mom and 16 and Pregnant that makes it look like the show is glamorous and I just don't agree because it took me seven years to get a four year degree," Lowry continued, first reports BuzzFeed. "I didn't always have the money I have now. I would not agree that our show makes it glamorous. But situations like Kylie, they don't realise that she has millions of dollars and she has a ton of help and she can go out and party and do all these things."

Jenner was 19 when Stormi was conceived and 20 when Stormi, whose father is rapper Travis Scott, was born in February. Since then, Jenner has often shared photos with Stormi on Instagram. Her family has also sung their praises for her parenting skills.

"I think she was just born to have kids," Kris Jenner, Kylie's mother, told Us Weekly back in March. "I felt like I was the same way. I wanted to have a baby when I was 16 years old. I thought about how many kids I would have. So I think that some people are just ... when you know, you know."

Lowry's comments were frustrating to Jenner's fans, especially since Lowry starred on a show often criticized for glamorizing teen mothers.

"What we're NOT gonna do is blame kylie jenner for going on with her rich life as normal after having stormi. of course her pregnancy is glamorous, her whole life is glamorous. and for KAILYN of all people to speak on this," one Twitter user wrote.

"Kailyn Lowry a woman on a TV show called Teen Mom 2 had the audacity to say that Kylie Jenner glamorizes being a young mom, which she never has. I think they let her out too early," another wrote.

"She's a billionaire so yeah she [probably] is making it look easy, because she has the money behind her to do so, she was financially sound prior to starting a family, basically doing it the right way unlike teen mom cast members who have all convinced themselves they're stars now [laughing out loud]," added another.


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