Joanna Gaines Reveals Intimate Glimpse of New Life With Baby Crew

Joanna Gaines may have kept her children out of the spotlight in the past, but it all changed with baby Crew.

The Fixer Upper star has been open about motherhood lately and sharing plenty of photos of the young baby since his birth in June 2018.

In a new video released to YouTube, the interior decorator and businesswoman gave fans an intimate look at how she balances parenting her five children, whom she shares with husband Chip Gaines, and her busy work schedule.

The new clip shows Gaines walking viewers though her day with the 7-month-old baby in tow. From driving in the car with the adorable — and sometimes sleepy — Crew in the backseat, to carting him around the shop in a baby carrier, she always has the adorable baby with her.

The baby even lets out an adorable gurgle in the clip, which is a must-see, according to Country Living.

Gaines revealed that the main theme for the new video was authenticity, speaking up about how despite seeming like she works through her busy schedule seamlessly, there are things she has to sacrifice to get things done.

"I have a six, almost seventh month old baby, don't have a lot of opportunity to wash my hair, so this is my authentic self," she told the camera. "You throw it up and wish yourself luck, put on some earrings and hopefully people won't notice the hair."

Despite the stress, Gaines said she is happy to be in this "season of life" with her kids and her successful business.

"I feel like I'm figuring out this baby thing mixed with my four children that feel a little older and it's so fun," she said. "It's very unpredictable. [I'm] just rolling with it."

Aside from baby Crew, Gaines and Chip are also parents to Emmie Kay, 8, Duke, 9, Ella Rose, 12, and Drake, 14. The Magnolia businesswoman recently revealed in an interview that motherhood is everything to her, which leads to some feelings of guilt.


"I've been through plenty of stages of guilt. It always creeps in. It paralyzes me. I don't want to waste a second of emotion on something that doesn't create any good," Joanna said.

"I think, 'What can I do to show my kids that I love them?'" Gaines continued. "Even if it's making a cup of hot cocoa, which takes a few minutes. It's about finding little ways to connect."