Jessica Simpson's Latest Photo of Daughter Birdie Draws Ire Among Fans

Jessica Simpson’s new photo of infant daughter, Birdie sparked quite a bit of controversy earlier this week when fans took up issue with one particular aspect of the singer’s snapshot, drawing plenty of ire within the comments section.

(Photo: Instagram / Jessica Simpson)

Simpson, who welcomed her third child this past March, took to Instagram to share a photo of Birdie decked out in the sweetest apparel. Captioned most simply “Birdie Mae” with a heart emoji, the adorable photo raked in more than 95,000 likes for obvious reasons.

However, there was also a fair share of fans and critics who became furious after realizing the bassinet holding young Birdie was unrealistically expensive and not practical, especially as children grow out of them fairly quickly.

“[Laughing my a— off] a $3,200 bassinet,” one user wrote, as initially reported by CafeMom.

“There’s no way that thing is SIDS safe,” another wrote.

Another had their mind blown, writing, “The bassinet costs $3200 #why that’s a mortgage payment.”

The dusty blue velvet bassinet from Aristot, is an upholstered and custom-made piece encased in poplar-curved plywood, helping to provide an ideal blend of support and comfort to babies.

While many had their feathers ruffled, others stuck up for Simpson with many telling their fellow social media users that it’s like “comparing apples with oranges.”

“Why are people such trolls,” one user wrote. “Who cares what the bassinet is worth? Is all relative. Jessica Simpson is a hard working business woman who’s net worth is estimate of $150 millions. So a bassinet of $3,500 is what we who make $70K+ yearly pay for $200. Ugh people. Get a freaking life and enjoy the pretty picture of her sweet new baby.”

While Simpson has not yet commented or even bothered to address the controversy, it is the least of her issues. The 38-year-old, who announced she and husband Eric Johnson were expecting their third child back in September, struggled with a number of issues throughout the course of her pregnancy. Symptoms, which included extremely swollen feet, struggles with sciatica pain, and a battle with bronchitis that landed her in the hospital.

The process of welcoming Birdie wasn’t without issue, either, as Simpson had to undergo a C-section, something that she claimed is “no joke!”


“I'm feeling thankful for these two older siblings looking over their new baby sister,” Simpson wrote in an update to her fans earlier this month. “I think we all get so carried away with the excitement of having a new baby that we forget that we are going in for major surgery. Then on top of that, we get home from the hospital, have to recover from the surgery, balance our new life as a parent to three kids and be a wife.”

Photo credit: Getty Images