Jessica Biel Slyly Showed Baby Bump in March Birthday Photo, and No One Realized It

Jessica Biel's fans have been shocked as to how she kept her pregnancy a secret for so long, but [...]

Jessica Biel's fans have been shocked as to how she kept her pregnancy a secret for so long, but the actress did post at least one photo of herself during that time. Biel and her husband, Justin Timberlake, welcomed their second son earlier this week, according to a report by The Daily Mail, although they never even announced the pregnancy publicly. Now, fans are scouring social media for the hints they missed.

Biel relied on re-posts of old photos to stay active on social media while keeping her pregnancy to herself, by the looks of it. However, back in March, she did post three photos on her birthday that seemed to be taken while she was pregnant. You'd hardly know it by looking at her thanks to her posture and the cozy robe she was wearing. But after her pregnancy was revealed, fans realized that she could have been very cleverly disguising a baby bump. Many applauded her belatedly for the sly move.

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"Celebrating my birthday in style... and by that I mean, in pajamas," Biel wrote at the time. "I made Justin PROMISE not to sing Happy Birthday to me, so he improvised. Sorry, you can't hear it, but I'm still laughing. Thank you, you wonderful human, for really listening to me, and for throwing my kinda party. And thank YOU ALL for the birthday wishes. Feeling the love."

A source close to the couple told The Daily Mail that they welcomed a new baby boy "earlier this week," and are still trying to keep things private. So far, the couple has not commented on the news directly. However, Biel's mother, Kimberly Conroe, has spent several days at their home, and fans think she may have been helping them care for the newborn.

Biel and Timberlake are reportedly keeping their family in quarantine in a remote home out in Montana. Any recent pictures of Biel have been selfies, taken close up in a way that fans may not have noted as strange at the time, though now they see why.

Many fans are wondering what this baby means for Biel and Timberlake's marriage given the cheating allegations and the drama surrounding them late last year. While filming a movie in New Orleans, Louisiana, Timberlake was spotted holding hands with his co-star, Alisha Wainwright. While Timberlake claimed that nothing more had happened between them, at the time reports claimed that there was tension between him and Biel.

Biel and Timberlake have been married since 2012. Their new, alleged son joins 5-year-old Silas.