'Jersey Shore' Star Snooki Claps Back After Fans Insult Her Daughter's Appearance

Jersey Shore star Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi clapped back after fans insulted her daughter's [...]

Jersey Shore star Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi clapped back after fans insulted her daughter's appearance.

According to PEOPLE, the whole thing started when Snooki posted a photo of her four-year-old daughter while they were attending a wedding shower for her costar Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino.

The photo features Snooki's daughter — Giovanna Marie — standing with Jenni "JWoww" Farley's daughter Meilani Alexandra, who is also 4 years old.

(Photo: Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi / Instagram)

While many of Snooki's fans and followers heaped praise on the two girls, some commenters were less kind.

"Girl. You have money dress your girl better. She's beautiful but needs to look nicer," one person commented. "You take time to do your hair face and dress do the same for her."

Snooki was not having it, though, and quickly clapped back at the people who were making comments about her daughter's "crazy" hair.

"Mind your own business tho," the Jersey Shore star fired back. "I let my daughter pick her own outfits. I let her express herself. Are you a mother? Worry about your own damn kids, and let us live."

"She's 4 god d— years old, f— off," she later added.

Following the few negative comments that emerged, many of Snooki's more positive fans began to fill the comments section with comments praising how adorable the girls look in the photo.

"These little girls look like they were having a ton of fun , so their hair is a little messy who cares ,they are having fun .( They look like mini snookie and mini jwow.. they are beautiful children)," one fan commented.

"Your kids are both perfect the way they are dressed. Kids should be kids! There is enough stress in life to not have to worry about what other people think of the way your child is dressed," another follower said. "May they all be healthy."

"My 5 year old daughter gets to pick out her clothes every day and it's often a wild array of clothes and accessories and I LOVE EVERY BIT OF IT because it represents who she is in that moment," someone else shared. "You are awesome for letting them choose how they wanted to represent themselves. You are building these girls' self worth, self esteem and self image. Way to go! (And driving to a red carpet with the windows down is way more fun than spending hours in a hair salon!)"

Fans can currently catch Snooki on Jersey Shore Family Vacation, which airs Thursdays on MTV.