'Jersey Shore's Ronnie Ortiz Magro Calls Daughter 'Woman of His Life' While Celebrating Christmas With Jen Harley

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation cast member Ronnie Ortiz Magro spent a quiet Christmas with his daughter, Ariana Sky and her mother, Jen Harley.

Magro and Harley have had a rough year, but they pulled together for their baby's first Christmas. Magro posted a photo of himself kneeling beside Ariana's stroller as his mother, Constance Ortiz, stood on the other side. He put the picture on Instagram on Wednesday along with the hashtag "first Christmas a success."

Still, it is clear where Magro's priorities are. A fan commented asking the reality star where the "woman of his life" was, and Magro answered.

(Photo: Instagram @realronniemagro)

"Right there @ariana_sky_magro," he wrote.

Even if they were just together for their daughter's sake, Magro and Harley did pull off a peaceful Christmas. Harley's Instagram Story included shots of Magro reading to Ariana and tickling her playfully. The family time may have had her feeling sentimental, as she posted a meme several hours later.

"Be with someone who feels like home," it read.

Magro and Harley have shocked fans over the course of the year by swinging wildly from blow-out fights to making up and acting as if nothing was ever wrong. The couple began dating in July of 2017 and they welcomed their daughter back in April. They broke up later that same month before reconciling shortly after.

The new parents have taken their fights public on several occasions as well. Harley broadcast one spat with Magro on Instagram Live, and some fans believed it showed him hitting her. They later threw shade at each other in separate posts, with Harley calling Magro a "coke-head" and Magro demeaning Harley in return.

Back in June, Harley was even arrested following one of their fights in the car. Harley was reportedly driving the family home from a party when she lashed out and punched Magro in the face. Magro then asked her to pull over and let him out, but before he could fully disentangle from his seat belt, she drove off, dragging the reality star along the concrete.

Magro did not press charges in that incident, which he and Harley have avoided talking about since. Meanwhile, other drama has bubbled up as it has aired on Jersey Shore: Family Vacation. Most recently, Magro's co-stars suggested that Harley might have been lying when she said her house was broken into -- something that she did not take kindly to.


Jersey Shore: Family Vacation returns with new episodes in 2019.