'Jersey Shore' Star Nicole 'Snooki' Polizzi Speaks out About Postpartum Symptoms After Giving Birth to Her Third Child

Jersey Shore star Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi is speaking out about postpartum symptoms, after giving birth to her third child.

The reality TV star recently delivered baby boy Angelo James LaValle, and she's been getting real about how the birth has affected her body.

According to Us Weekly, Polizzi spoke about the "the aftermath of birth," then sharing some candid photos in a past Instagram Stories thread.

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"You definitely need these guys. Hazel pads for your butthole. Here's my underwears, my pads, my squirt bottle. Pray for me," she reportedly wrote in one post.

"My feet are swollen, I'm wearing a diaper, my son just peed and s–t on me twice and my sciatica is acting up," Polizzi added. "Hello postpartum."

"No one warned me about the third pregnant postpartum cramping," the Tattoo Too Far host. "Like am I still in active labor? S—!"

Many reality TV stars have previously shared their postpartum experiences, with Teen Mom star Amber Portwood recalling what she went through after having her last baby, revealing that her situations got so bad that she considered taking her own life.

"There was a night that I was waiting for [Andrew, her boyfriend] and James [her child] to go to bed so I could kill myself," Portwood recalled in a December 2018 episode of the show. "And for some odd reason he could feel it and he was like, 'I'm not going to bed.' "It does not feel good to go and do things. It does not feel good to be alive right now."

During that same episode, Portwood was shown having a visit from her fellow Teen Mom cast member Catelynn Lowell, telling her, "I literally feel like I'm at my lowest right now, like, I have no will. I'm not living for myself at the moment./"

"If you really need severe help, there's places that you can go, just know that, so that you don't feel hopeless," Lowell replied.


Portwood later went into more detail about her postpartum experiences after giving birth to James, saying in a Teen Mom reunion, "It went from taking care of James so amazingly to one night I had to give him to Andrew. I couldn't, I don't know what happened. I didn't feel like that with [my daughter] Leah. I started feeling this weird pressure like I was going to explode. I was like, what the f— is this?"

Portwood eventually sought help for her postpartum struggles, and is doing very well today.