Jeremy Renner's Ex-Wife Wants Him Drug Tested, Fears for Their Daughter Ava

Jeremy Renner's ex-wife, Sonny Pacheco, is reportedly asking the court to step in and drug test the actor, for fear of her daughter's safety. Pacheco filed new legal documents in her custody battle with Renner, obtained by The Blast, which show her asking for Renner's old drug test results, and for new ones to be processed. The couple will reportedly be back in court soon.

Pacheco previously accused Renner of having a substance abuse problem, alleging that he drank heavily and used cocaine around their daughter, 6-year-old Ava. Renner denied those allegations and claimed that he took a drug test in February that came back negative. Pacheco is asking to see those drug test results, along with others he has taken since then. She also wants Renner to take a new drug test, "conducted and supervised by an independent laboratory."

Pacheco insists that Renner has a "long history of alcohol and drug abuse which has persisted since before the parties' marriage, through divorce and post-judgment." However, drug test results are only a part of what she asked for in these new documents.

She also asked to reschedule their next hearing in this case, and for Renner's child support payments to be lowered by nearly two thirds. According to Pacheco, Renner is over half a million dollars behind on his child support payments, and it is adding up. She noted that she could not continue to pay her attorneys without that money, or indeed maintain her home, which is having severe plumbing problems.

Pacheco also asked for permission to question Renner and his business manager under oath at the hearing, before a decision is rendered. Finally, she drew the court's attention back to the explosive allegations she made against Renner last year, including stories of him being violent, intoxicated and suicidal.


Pacheco recalled one incident last year when Renner "put a gun in his mouth, threatened to kill himself, and fired the gun into the ceiling while the parties minor daughter slept in a nearby bedroom." She believes that Ava is in grave danger when she is around the Avengers star.

"It appears that Respondent is not following pandemic safety guidelines, including while Ava is in his custody, particularly in his Reno home," the documents read. "The evidence strongly suggests that Respondent has numerous people in his Reno house without wearing masks. The participants include several young women."
The couple is due back in court on Aug. 20, unless a judge agrees to change the date for Pacheco.