Jenelle Evans Reveals Family 'Lake Day' Photo With All Her Kids After Custody Win

Jenelle Evans had an idyllic day at the lake with her family on Monday, not long after her custody battle finally came to a close. Evans just got back custody of her son Kaiser and her daughter Ensley, and says she plans to get her eldest son Jace as well. In the meantime, her kids spent a day on the water together.

Evans posted a photo of Kaiser and Ensley on a raft with two other kids, whom fans assumed were Jace and Eason's son Kaden. All four smiled in the picturesque scene, their raft safely floating in just a few inches of water.

"Switched it up and had a [Lake Day]," Evans wrote.

(Photo: Instagram / Jenelle Evans)

Fans were not pleased to see Evans looking after all those kids, especially after everything she and her family have been accused of recently. Many referred to her as an "Instagram mom," implying that she only cared about her children insofar as they could be used to social media clout.

"All of you that think shes an AMAZING MOM should never reproduce either. SMH," one fan declared.

"Where's the life jackets?" wondered another. "Oh ya, look who's posting."

Many fans also cut right to the chase with indictments of Eason, and Evans for allowing him near her children again.

"He has anger issues, he shoots your dog, becomes frustrated, hits your children and you're still with him... k..." one wrote.

"Nugget would have loved a lake day," added another.

Evans and Eason lost custody of all of their children back in May after Eason shot and killed Evans' dog, Nugget. The display of rage and violence left the court uncertain of whether Eason was fit to care for children, and by extension whether his and Evans' household was safe.

After a lengthy legal battle, many fans were shocked when Evans and Eason won back custody of their kids last week. The court decided in favor of Evans, feeling that Kaiser's father, Nathan Griffith, was still unfit to take sole custody. Meanwhile Ensley is the only child Evans and Eason share biologically.


Encouraged by this victory, Evans declared that she would be getting Jace back soon enough as well. Jace has spent most of his life in the custody of his grandmother, Barbara Evans. Meanwhile, in an Instagram Q&A, Evans seemed to confirm that Eason had killed her dog.

"Honestly, yes, we were on bad terms for almost a week," she wrote. "Didn't talk much. He knows how upset it made me. Now that we are getting over this incident our relationship has got a lot stronger. David has completed anger management as well."