Jana Kramer Defends Daughter After Troll Insults Her for Speech Delay

Jana Kramer has never been afraid to speak her mind, and the singer got candid once again when she [...]

Jana Kramer has never been afraid to speak her mind, and the singer got candid once again when she responded to a troll who had criticized her 3-year-old daughter Jolie's speech delay.

Kramer spoke out in a post on Instagram on Monday, March 18, posting a photo of herself and Jolie smiling together along with an emotional caption defending her daughter.

"Listen up: I am always going to protect my daughter," the mom of two began. "I can handle my bullies but when someone attacks my daughter and says mean stuff about her I am going to say something. This hasn't been the first time someone has attacked her on my page or dm's so I wanted to set the record straight. And look I have already cried a lot over this thinking somehow I did something wrong or doubted myself but I know that is not the case but us moms love to beat ourselves up. But ....Yes, Jolie has a speech delay. She works with a speech therapist every Friday."

(Photo: Instagram / @kramergirl)

Kramer added that she was hurt by people both attacking her daughter as well as her parenting skills, explaining that every child develops differently.

"The fact people attack her, and also me saying I'm a bad mom has really messed with me," she wrote. "Bottom line, All kids learn and grow at different paces so if you want to not like me, that's fine but please don't pick on my child. I will NOT stand for it. I have chosen to show my life and my kids online and maybe that is my fault, but I will not let u bully my kid. You don't know what goes on in this house so please don't be mean....listen to this weeks podcast for more on this topic. (Link in stories). ALSO...if you have had anything helpful that has helped ur kids I would love to know! Helpful tips I always welcome !!!"

The 35-year-old further discussed the issue on her Instagram Story, noting that she can take criticism herself, but when it comes to her children, she's going to say something.

"When you attack my kid and think that I'm not focused on my child, it really really bothers me," she said. "Do not bully my child. Do not tell me what you think you know, because you don't know that every Friday she sees someone. So yeah."

She followed that with a photo of Jolie sticking out her tongue, captioning the shot, "What we say to haters."

(Photo: Instagram / @kramergirl)

Photo Credit: Instagram / @kramergirl