Hilaria Baldwin Sports Lingerie to Show off Baby Bump in First Trimester Milestone Photo

Hilaria Baldwin has one trimester down! On Thursday, the “Mom Brain” podcast co-host, who is currently expecting her fifth child with husband Alec Baldwin, celebrated the milestone end of the first trimester of her pregnancy by taking to Instagram with a lingerie mirror selfie showing off her growing baby bump, “because this baby deserves belly pics too!”

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The sweet snap, in which Baldwin is seen resting her hand over her belly, drew plenty of reactions from her more than 650,000 Instagram followers.

“I love following you on this journey!! Congrats!!” one fan wrote.

“Hooray! It’s such a good feeling to get through first trimester with a rainbow baby,” a second commented. “May everything go smoothly.”

“The best, most relieving feeling,” added one.

“Congratulations! I bet you are relieved!” a fourth commented.

“Congratulations that’s magical,” another added.

“Praying you have the most amazing second and third trimester with this sweet baby,” wrote another.

The celebration comes just weeks after Baldwin opened up about how speaking about her pregnancy throughout her first trimester had felt “liberating” after having four children and having suffered a miscarriage.

“The one thing that’s been liberating is I told people my first trimester,” Baldwin told PEOPLE. “It was so stressful for me to have to keep it a secret on top of everything when you don’t feel well, and it’s like everyone is telling you to not say anything.”

“Then I realized that after having many children and having a miscarriage in the spring, this is my sixth pregnancy. Through having that, for me, there’s no reason to be quiet — absolutely no reason,” she continued. “If I lose the baby, then I don’t have to be ashamed of it. I can be open about it.”

At the time, Baldwin had also gotten candid on the realities of being pregnant while also having other little ones to care for.


“I have to focus on little people that don’t care that I don’t feel well,” she told the outlet, explaining that she had been experiencing nausea throughout her first trimester. “They can’t register, ‘Oh, poor Mommy’… So a lot of it is you’re distracted so much from your nausea that it can help sometime. I would say the hard thing is that you get emotional in the first trimester. Like being patient, you just have to take an extra deep breath.”

The fitness guru and her husband are also parents to Carmen, 6, Rafael, 4, Leonardo, 3, and Romeo, 17 months. The couple announced in September that they are expecting their fifth child together, a baby girl, after suffering a miscarriage in April.