Hailey Baldwin's Father Posts About 'Deception' Amid Call for Prayers

What kind of drama is unfolding within the Baldwin family?

Stephen Baldwin posted a new video to social media in the middle of a potential family squabble with his daughter Hailey Bieber and her husband, Justin Bieber. Baldwin posted an alarming message for many fans, asking for prayers for his daughter and her husband.

While it might be unrelated, or related to another family member, Baldwin's post on Thursday carried a different tone than the prayer request. "All kinds of competition, war, and gamesmanship usually include some kind of deception," Baldwin says in the Instagram clip. "Now, clearly, throughout our culture and society, we see deception. Now, the provocateurs of such are very nervous, only because they do not know that peace beyond our understanding."

There isn't much connecting it to the reports about the Biebers and Baldwin's words. It comes very close to the original message and lands before the arrest of Alaia Baldwin. What is very clear, however, is Baldwin's followers on social media are raising their eyebrows at the words.

Many also quickly pointed out that Baldwin's faith likely explained the post and he was reciting verse in the clip. Still, many were confused.

"[We] are not going to pray for Justin and Hailey. That's not happening," one person wrote. "Maybe leave Justin alone, Justin should have seen what your family wanted from the beginning, the only deception is you and your daughter," another added. "Steven, you sound so weird now, I don't even know what to make of every single post you post," a third wrote.

If anything, it is solid proof that everything will be put under the microscope when you're trending around the globe. In the end, let's hope everyone is safe and comfortable. Baldwin did post a follow-up post to close the day, commenting on the reactions to end this week.

"Today was quite weird but that's pretty normal for Hollywood so it's time to count our lucky stars get some rest and start again tomorrow with all of the same hope love laughter and most important a fabulous Corgi to snuggle and cuddle and dream," Baldwin wrote. He included the photo of a corgi just to give it a little extra English.