'Game of Thrones' Couple Kit Harington and Rose Leslie Expecting Second Child Together

House Snow is getting a little big bigger, actor Kit Harington revealed on Friday night. Harington was a guest on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon where he revealed that he and his wife Rose Leslie are expecting their second child together. He admitted that there is a strange mixture of excitement and determination in their household this time around.

Harington had a relatively casual conversation with Fallon on Friday night, managing to slip in his big news as if it came up organically. Fallon asked how Harington and Leslie's 2-year-old son is doing, and Harington described the youngster's burgeoning personality. He said that his son is about to get "the shock of a lifetime," because he will soon have a younger brother or sister. The studio audience whooped with excitement while Fallon reached over and shook Harington's hand.

"I'm terrified," Harington said frankly. "You know, with the first baby you're like, walking on clouds and dancing through fields of daisies for nine months – well, the man is anyway – and this time the reality check comes much shorter. You get practical real quick."

As for their son, Harington says that reality hasn't yet set in. He said: "I'm not sure he's quite conceptually understood it just yet. We're trying to get him ready for it. We point to Rose's tummy and we say 'Mummy's baby, Mummy's baby,' and he points at his tummy and says 'my baby, my baby.'"

Harington, now 36, played Jon Snow for a full decade on HBO's Game of Thrones, while Leslie, now 35, played is first major love interest Ygritte from 2012 to 2014. The two struck up a real-life romance while filming their on-screen affair, and it stuck. In 2017 they announced their engagement and in 2018 they got married at a church in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. Leslie announced her pregnancy in September of 2020 and their son was first seen in public in February of 2021. However, they still haven't revealed his name and they do their best to keep their family life private.

Professionally, Harington has fans in serious suspense right now as well. The actor reportedly helped develop and write a Game of Thrones sequel series where he would star as Jon Snow. The latest updates say that the show is still in the development stages at HBO, with neither a series order nor a cancellation. Harington addressed this project casually in his talk with Fallon, but with no real updates or new information. He joked that he might push the project forward if he feels like his fame and acclaim are waning. For now, Game of Thrones is streaming on HBO Max, marking the current end of Jon Snow's story.