'Dancing With the Stars' Alum Julianne Hough and Husband Brooks Laich Intend to Conceive Child Through IVF

Julianne Hough and husband Brooks Laich are going through in vitro fertilization while attempting to conceive their first child together, the professional hockey player revealed to Us Weekly this week.

"My wife and I want to have children in our future, and going through IVF was a decision we made to increase the [odds] of that happening," he told the outlet. "I wish people would perceive it [that way instead of with] shame or guilt."

Working with How Men Think podcast co-host Gavin DeGraw and a panel of experts to destigmatize IVF, Laich said, "We want to … attack things that are stereotyped or deemed sensitive or hush-hush."

The Dancing With the Stars alum, who currently appears as a judge on America's Got Talent, would make an amazing mother, her husband gushed.

"Julianne has the best heart in the world — that's her," he said of the Footloose star. "I view her as such a better person than I am because of the amount of love she has for every living thing in the world."

The couple wed in a stunning ceremony in 2017, and have been loving the married life ever since, the dancer told PopCulture.com last year.

"Honestly, every day is better than the day before," she gushed of the year they had been married. "Even if it's not the best day, it's still better."

"It's just a great journey," Laich added, reflecting the four-plus years the two spent together since first starting to date. "Just looking back on where we started and the pockets of life we've gone through."

The two had been with each other through so many changes and were ready to continue evolving alongside each other, they sweetly revealed.

"I think we're learning new things about ourselves too, because you don't stay the same," Hough added, to which Laich chimed in, "You continually evolve individually, so the changes she makes in her life, I learn to love and appreciate."


Photo credit: Instagram/Julianne Hough