Coco Called 'White Trash' for Toddler's Mani-Pedi

Coco Austin is known for her love of all things pink, fun and fashion-forward — so it's no surprise that she took her and husband Ice-T's 2-year-old daughter, Chanel, to the nail salon with her.

While there, the 38-year-old mom shared a video of Chanel getting her nails done.

"Sometimes Chanel gets her toes done with me at the salon but she wanted to try getting her hands done for the 1st time," Austin wrote on social media. "She was a pro and sat still to let them dry..I have a new partner when I have to get my nails done now!! Who hoo! Am I creating a monster?"

While most of the comments on the post were adoring and supportive, some took to criticizing Austin for taking her toddler to a nail salon, calling it "ridiculous" and suggesting that it leaves Chanel vulnerable to infection.

"Until she gets a nasty infection," one person wrote on Facebook.

Others took to calling Austin "white trash."

"Coco is white trash at its finest," one person wrote.

Others came to Austin's defense in the comment section, however.

"I can't believe some ppl have commented she's too young," one person wrote on Instagram. "@coco You are a great Mother for creating special mother/daughter time that can continue to make memories for you both years to come."

In August, Austin was berated for allowing Chanel to drink soda while on vacation at Disneyland.

"Try not to give her Coca Cola. They get addicted! I know this by experience," one social media user wrote.


"A couple sips here and there startes (sic) to become a habit then before u know she will want it all the time because her body will become addicted," another wrote.

Austin was even bashed for wearing her hair a certain way earlier in July, but criticism doesn't seem to faze her. Read Austin's response here.