Coco Austin and Husband Ice-T's Date Nights Make Daughter Chanel Feel Adorably Left Out

Spending some quality time as a couple has been difficult lately for Coco Austin and her husband, Ice-T. The couple's four-year-old daughter, Chanel, has become quite clingy of late, Austin revealed in an interview with In Touch Weekly.

"Chanel always wants to come with us, and that's a real downer when we're trying to leave," Austin revealed. "She's all whipped up out of shape because she thinks she did something bad. In her mind, she's staying home because she was bad. And I have to tell her like, 'No honey, there's adult night that Daddy and I have to do.'"

In order to calm down their daughter, the 40-year-old model said that they'll take a quick trip to the toy store, "just for her to know that we're not mad at her," she explained.

"She's going through a little stage where she doesn't want to be apart from us because she's with us all the time traveling and going everywhere with me during the day," Austin said, adding, "We had to figure it out."

Austin and her daughter recently made headlines after an Instagram post revealed that she still breastfeeds her daughter, although it's limited to when Chanel takes naps and before she's put to bed at night.

The couple have also come under criticism from fans over how they handle Chanel's own Instagram account, which currently boasts around 455 thousand followers. Ice-T, never one to mince words, previously addressed the criticism in an earlier interview with In Touch saying simply, "If you don't want to see pics, don't follow."

The 61-year-old rapper-turned-actor went on to explain that the account was simply a way for the couple to share pictures of Chanel. "You know, the day she was born, we started because I knew, you know, parents are always showing pictures of your kids. And you make people sick. So I said I'll just give her a Twitter page and Instagram page, and we can load that up."


Just last month, Austin also shared an Instagram post of the family while they were on the set of the long-running procedural Law & Order: SVU. While Ice-T is close to marking 20 years on the series, he recently admitted that he has no plans to leave the role behind, saying that he'll stick around as long as co-star Mariska Hargitay plans to.

"It's a very cool work environment. Mariska's the best," said Ice-T. "I'm happy and I'm not going nowhere until she's gone."