Coco Takes 2-Year-Old Daughter Swimming With Sharks and People Are Not Pleased

Coco Austin's fans outraged after she shared a clip of her and her 2-year-old daughter, Chanel, swimming with sharks in the Bahamas.

While Coco, Chanel and Ice-T are on vacation, Coco shared a clip of her and Chanel swimming alongside nurse sharks, a popular tourist activity which she described as harmless in her Facebook caption.

"This was seriously crazy having all these sharks in the water at once..but I have to say, half the battle was holding Chanel while," she wrote, adding a postscript: "FYI..these are nurse sharks ..theres no harm in them."

Many took to the comments to accuse Coco of putting Chanel in danger.

"Yes u crazy. I would never put my baby un there . Wow woman," one person said.

"Child protective services should take your kid for you being so irresponsible," another said.

"Can under stand you swimming with sharks but not your BABY!!!!!" someone wrote on Facebook.

"I won't risk my child's life no matter what," another said.

"I wouldn’t have done this with my kid.. alone maybe.. but not with a small child.. why tempt it?" someone said.

"I know they aren't the kind of sharks to bite, BUUUUUUT watching this makes me cringe," someone wrote.

Others defended Coco's decision to take Chanel into the shark-infested waters.

"Waiting for all of the ‘terrible mom’ comments. How about that she is teaching her daughter not to fear a very misunderstood creature?" someone said.

"Good mother, showing her not to be afraid," another wrote.

"You are brave @coco!! Not just for swimming with sharks but for posting a pic doing it with your babygirl!! I’m not even going to read the comments because I already know ppl are attacking your mothering worse than sharks! I love your confidence and thick skin," someone said.

Coco has been sharing pics from vacation all week, with her latest being her and Chanel wearing matching mermaid bikinis.

(Photo: Instagram / @coco)

“Striking more posts on our 3rd day in the Bahamas!” Coco wrote on Instagram alongside a series of sunny photos. “Chanel went rocking our mermaid suits.”

Coco and Chanel rocked matching purple glittery bikini tops, green shimmering scaly bottoms and emerald headbands by Sugar Dolls on their third day in the sun.


Many fans adored the fun matching suits and fun looks from the duo, praising Coco both for their looks and sweet relationship. They also pointed out that despite being "Mommy's princess," Chanel "looks just like her dad," who was likely behind the camera for the impromptu photo shoot.

Coco and Law and Order: Special Victims Unit star Tracy “Ice-T” Marrow have been married since January 2002. They welcomed Chanel together in November 2015.