Chrissy Teigen's Self-Care Photo Sparks Controversy: 'TMI'

Chrissy Teigen gave her Instagram followers a peak at her beauty regimen on Monday, though it was a bit more than some of them bargained for.

Teigen posted a photo of herself sitting oddly on Monday night, apparently on some kind of wooden box in her living room. She had a white mask stick to her face and she was clutching a towel to the back of her neck.

(Photo: Instagram @chrissyteigen)

"Face mask / heat pad / vagina steam," wrote the model, "No I don't know if any of this works but it can't hurt right? *vagina dissolves*"

Of course, many fans were shocked by Teigen's cavalier description of this beauty routine — and one aspect of it in particular.

"Too much information," one person commented when the picture was shared on Facebook. "You probably should have kept that to yourself."

Many people didn't seem to have a particular problem with the revelation, but with Teigen's general habit of over-sharing.

"She just has to have attention at all cost," one person wrote.

"She is annoying!" added another.

"I'm over her and John," commented a third. "They're always doing too much. We. Get. It."

Despite the detractors, Teigen's most loyal followers stood by her.

"I hear it cleans out toxins, helps healing (if needed) purifies the uterus & helps to tighten vaginal walls," chimed in one fan. "So I'M not mad at her! Shoot wish I can find a SPA and I can AFFORD this worth while service! Go Girl!!!"

Last month, Teigen gave birth to her second child. She and her husband, John Legend, welcomed their son Miles into the world on May 16.

Teigen is the second prominent celebrity in recent years to promote vaginal steaming, after Gwyneth Paltrow praised the process on her website, Goop, in 2015.


According to a report by Women's Health Magazine, steaming may be more risky than Teigen indicated. The treatment uses a mixture of various herbs, which could irritate the sensitive area.

On top of that, the hot steam can disrupt the body's natural ecosystem of self-regulating bacteria, leaving one more prone to infection. As for the purported benefits of relieved cramps and cleanliness, there is no data on hand to back it up at this time.