Chrissy Teigen Gets Emotional Dropping off Her Kids for First Day of School With John Legend

Kids across the country are starting back at school after a summer at home, and while it's an emotional time of year for parents at the best of times, the ongoing pandemic has made It an even trickier thing to navigate. Chrissy Teigen, who shares two kids, Luna and Miles, with her husband John Legend, shared some photos on her Instagram account of her adorable kids' first day of school on Sept. 9. Luna, 5, started kindergarten, and Miles, 3, began pre-K, and Teigen got emotional sending her masked kids off on their first day. 

"It's happening," Teigen wrote with a crying emoji alongside photos of Luna with a sign documenting her favorite things ahead of her first day of school. "And so it begins!!!" she wrote on a similar post for Miles, who will be attending in-person school for his first time ever. Teigen also shared a photo of the family in a warm embrace ahead of the big moment with the caption "tears."

Teigen and Legend, like all parents, have had to adjust their parenting to fit the current times, and they've been open about how they had to adjust to pandemic life. "It's not easy. I think every parent is realizing how hard it is to be a teacher," Legend told People last year. "We talk a lot about washing hands. We used to do that plenty before, but now it just takes on extra urgency."

While Teigen may be in "cancel club," she is still documenting her life on Instagram, including her time with her kids. She recently revealed that she rescued her family's pet hamster from a being trapped behind a wall. The little hamster had been missing for three days, and Teigen took to Instagram to share her heroic adventure of safely rescuing the adorable little rodent. In her Instagram Stories, Teigen shared with her followers that she followed the sound of the scratching and then chiseled a hole in the wall for the hamster to climb out of.

In the clips, the hamster can be seen finding its way to the hole in the wall, which Teigen made wider so it could escape more easily. Eventually, she placed the opening of its hamster ball over the hole, so the hamster would climb out of the wall and into the toy, where it would be safe. Miraculously, that is exactly what happened, and the look of joy on Teigen's face shows that she was thrilled at being able to save the furry friend. This new hamster — named New Peanut Butter — was adopted by the family after the sad death of their previous hamster, Peanut Butter.