Channing Tatum Was the 'Picture-Perfect Dad' on Outing With Daughter Everly

Channing Tatum took his daughter to Monster Jam on Saturday, where sources said he was the "picture-perfect dad."

Tatum has a well-documented love for motor sports, and seems to be sharing that with his 5-year-old daughter, Everly. He and Jenna Dewan separated back in April of 2018, but they remain dedicated co-parents, as fans saw this weekend. The actor was spotted at a Monster Jam event in Anaheim, California on Saturday, where witnesses told Us Weekly that he was at the top of his game.

"Channing walked in with three guys who all had their daughters with them, around Everly's age," a source said. "He and Everly were attached at the hip when they walked into the arena and stood by two monster trucks."

Tatum is known for his infamous muscles and hilarious physicality on screen, which he apparently put to use in his personal life as well. Sources said that he had his daughter up in the air so that she could see the action in Angel Stadium.

"He kept lifting her up and down and she yelled, 'Dada!' and was laughing and jumping," an insider said.

Tatum was likely hoping to avoid detection from fans or press. Witnesses said he was bundled up in a black parka, black joggers and a black Nike hat. Meanwhile, Everly was clad in a pink jacket with purple sneakers and sparkling jeans. Even from a distance, sources said it was clear how close the two are.

"They were inseparable and he was all about her," they reported. They added that Everly might have a lot in common with her dad, judging by the way they played together.

"Everly looked like the most energetic, carefree kid and he was super into her and always had his arms on her and made sure she was happy. He looked like the picture-perfect dad."

Meanwhile, Tatum reportedly had fidgety hands as well. He kept his daughter close in the packed stadium, but found ways to make it fun too. He reportedly alternated between holding her hand, putting a hand on her shoulder and even playing with her hair as she stood in front of him, making sure she would not slip away. At one point, Tatum reportedly snapped a few selfies with her at the event.

"It was cute and she was making silly faces," sources report.


Those pictures could arrive on social media any time now, where Tatum is pretty candid about life with his daughter. The actor is not shy with his proud dad moments, posting about Everly every chance he gets.