Carey Hart and Pink's Son Jameson Adorably Climbs Over Sister Willow in Sweet Sibling Snap

Carey Hart posted a snap shot of sibling bonding on Friday, where his and Pink's son Jameson Moon climbed on top of their daughter, Willow Sage.

Pink and Hart are some of the internet's favorite celebrity parents. They share a 7-year-old daughter named Willow and a 2-year-old son named Jameson, who appears to be learning a few tricks. On Friday, Hart posted a video from a private jet, where Jameson was climbing all over his older sister.

"The power has shifted," Hart wrote with two laughing-crying emojis. "Jamo is taking charge."

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The power has shifted 😂😂. Jamo is taking charge.

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The video showed the 2-year-old walking and crawling all over his sister in a pair of tiny skateboarding shoes. Willow was under him with headphones on and a tablet on her lap, and she screeched in surprise as Jameson did his best to get on her shoulders. Someone — perhaps Pink — could be heard scolding Jameson, though Willow wore a smile the whole time.

At the end of the clip, both Willow and Jameson did a camera take, looking at the person recording them with perfect comedic timing. Jameson had a pacifier in his mouth, obscuring his expression.

"I told you he's going to get you, Willow!" Hart could be heard saying from off-screen.

Hart seems to take pride in the fact that his younger child has a mischievous side. He posted a photo celebrating Jameson's second birthday earlier this month, referring to the toddler as "hell on wheels.

"These 2 years have gone fast!" he added.

Hart, a professional motocross racer himself, is overjoyed to see Jameson taking to two wheels so naturally. He posted a clip of the youngster two weeks ago riding a tiny bike around an actual skate park. At an age when many children are still getting the hang of walking, Jameson rolled up and down ramps with apparent ease.

"I’m blown away by this lil guy. Not even 2 yet and rolling around the skate park!!" Hart wrote, adding the hashtag "Proud Papa."


Since then, he has posted photos and clips of himself, Willow and Jameson on dirt bikes together, in bike shops and out on trails. The adventures did not stop there, either. Judging by Hart's Instagram, the plane they were on took them to Mammoth Mountain in northern California, where the family has been snowboarding all weekend.

"[Mammoth Mountain] shenanigans with the kids!" he wrote alongside one picture, with the hashtag "Dads Rule." While Willow featured prominently in the pictures, it is not clear whether Jameson has the hang of snowboarding yet.