'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' Star Melissa Fumero Debuts Baby Bump While Describing 'Way Harder' Second Pregnancy

Melissa Fumero is pregnant again! The Brooklyn Nine-Nine star has another baby on the way with her husband, David Fumero, and she is clearly excited. Fumero debuted her baby bump on Instagram this weekend, revealing the big news to her followers.

"Oh yeah, I'm hella pregnant," she wrote in the caption.

Fumero, 37, is best-known to fans as Amy Santiago, the studious detective-turned-seargent on Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Her first pregnancy was cleverly disguised in Season 3 of the series, but this time might be different. Fumero admitted that this pregnancy is hitting her much harder than her first did.

"To be honest, I haven't felt like posting about it because this pregnancy has been way harder and... I don't feel that cute?" she wrote. "But yesterday I got a really intense massage, an awesome chiropractic adjustment, and my hair feels thicker... so I feel a little bit cute today."

Fumero married her fellow actor David Fumero in 2007, after meeting on the set of the soap opera One Life to Live, where they were co-stars. Fumero announced her first pregnancy on Instagram in 2015, and this weekend, exactly four years to the day later, she announced her second.
The first time around Fumero and her husband had a son named Enzo, so some fans are crossing their fingers for a girl this time around. The family is a social media favorite, and 3-year-old Enzo is shaping up to be as much of a gregarious performer as his parents are.

Some fans are hoping that the producers on Brooklyn Nine-Nine will not work so hard to cover up Fumero's pregnancy this time around. In the show's current timeline, Amy is happily married to Jake Peralta (Andy Samberg), and the two even discussed the possibility of having children in the most recent season. It could be that the show will make use of Fumero's baby bump to push this burgeoning family forward, whether Jake is ready or not.

Back in Season 3, the show worked around Fumero's pregnancy in some unique ways. In addition to filming her sitting behind desks, carrying big objects or wearing baggy clothes, the writers actually worked in a story where Amy pretended to be pregnant on an undercover mission. Fumero did not have to wear a fake belly, however, so the role must have come naturally to her.


Meanwhile, Fumero's real-life husband once made a cameo on the show as well. In Season 5 of the hit series, David Fumero gueststarred as Melvin Stermley, a crossword puzzle author who turns out to be extremely cool, making Jake feel insecure. His chemistry with Fumero was clear to see on screen, even if it was part of a joke, and the ending was open-ended, meaning we could well see Vin Stermley back on screen before the series is over.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine returns on Feb. 6, 2020 on NBC.