Brittani Boren Leach, YouTube Star, Pregnant With Second Child Following Death of 3-Month-Old Son

Just over four months after Brittani Boren Leach's 3-month-old son, Crew, didn't wake up from a nap on Christmas Day, the popular YouTuber announced Monday that she and husband Jeff were expecting another baby. The 29-year-old vlogger shared the happy news on Instagram with a touching video featuring her family, saying the new baby was "sent straight from Heaven and without a doubt, hand-picked by big brother Crew himself."

Tuesday, Leach opened up about the emotional roller coaster of learning she was pregnant amid a global pandemic and so soon after the loss of her son. "The day I found out I was pregnant, was a week after we moved into our new house, and the Coronavirus pandemic had just begun to hit hard. That night I told Jeff I was pregnant, and we cried. We cried tears of joy and happiness, tears of sadness, tears of nervousness, and tears of hope. God has sent us the biggest blessing in the midst of many difficult trials and we are so thankful," she wrote on Instagram.

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"'Thank you' could never be enough to say how grateful we are for all of your kind words on yesterday's announcement," she continued. "So for loss of a better word, 'Thank You,' from Jeff and I both, we are so grateful to have the love and support from so many people we've yet had the privilege to meet. We are so excited to meet this little heaven-sent blessing that big brother Crew has picked out just for us."

Leach shared the devastating news of her infant's death on social media and YouTube after he was found not breathing after being placed for a nap on Christmas Day. Ultimately, Crew was found to have suffered catastrophic brain damage, and the new parents made the decision to donate his organs to other babies in need. "He's going to save another child's life. A hero in a tiny body," she called her son at the time.


"We are devastated," Crew's father wrote on Facebook for family and friends. "We have made the difficult decision to donate Crew's organs in the hopes that he can help another child and family in need. Crew fought bravely, so we could spend this time together. We're so blessed to have been here with him. ‪Thank you to the first responders and staff at Guadalupe Regional Medical Center for bringing him back & giving us hope. Thank you to the staff of Methodist Children's Hospital for continuing to provide him with loving care. We are grateful for our family and friends who have stepped up to care for us & our kids in this time of need. Thank you to everyone who visited him, sent a sent note, said a prayer or made a contribution. Your love has lifted us."