Britney Spears' Father Jamie Ordered to Sit for Deposition or Hand Over Surveillance Records

Britney Spears is currently winning the legal case against her father and former conservator, Jamie Spears. E! News reports that during a LA court hearing on July 13 a judge ruled that Jamie must sit for a deposition and produce documents related to the alleged surveillance of the pop star. Employees of his alleged publicly that he bugged her bedroom and phone calls to keep a close eye on her during his time as the conservator of her estate. The conservatorship was terminated in Nov. 2021 after 13 years, under which Britney alleged she was forced to work, was forbidden from getting married and starting her family, and had little control of her daily life. As part of the recent ruling, Jamie and his legal team have less than 30 days to present their documents. He will be deposed on Aug. 12.

His lawyer said that he "is eager to testify and set the record straight." The layer added: "When the court has the opportunity to review actual evidence. Not just the wild and baseless accusations being hurled by Britney and her counsel, we know that Jamie will be vindicated." Jamie has always maintained he did nothing illegal and without approval. Britney's lawyer Matthew Rosengart is happy with the court's ruling. 

"We are pleased that after he has evaded his deposition for many months, failing to appear three times, James Spears has now been ordered to sit for his deposition, in Los Angeles," he said, adding, "and to produce all the documents we have been seeking since last year and we look forward to both."


Rosengart continued: "We plea again for a sense of decency from Mr. Spears. He was suspended, and the conservatorship is over. He professes to 'love' his daughter. If that were true, he would do the right thing, and simply move on. That is what any decent and loving father would do. He still has that chance and we hope he heeds it."