'Bringing Up Bates' Star Tori Bates Pregnant With Baby No. 2 Less Than a Year After Welcoming Son

There's another Bates baby on the way! Bringing Up Bates star Tori Bates and husband Bobby Smith announced Friday that they are expecting another son 11 months after welcoming first child Kade. In a statement to PEOPLE, the couple revealed how excited they are to be adding another baby to their growing family.

"Our little Kade is almost a year old already, and these months have flown by so quickly," the expectant mom told the outlet. "It has been so much fun having him in our lives and we are absolutely thrilled to announce that God has blessed us with another baby boy coming April 2020."

"We are eagerly anticipating the day that we get to welcome to our family little Kolter Grey!" the couple added, revealing the planned name for their second child.

The UPtv couple wed in December 2017 at Calvary Baptist Church, where the two tied the knot in front of 700 people, including almost all of the Duggar family, who are close family friends. Upon welcoming little Kade last year, the couple told PEOPLE, "Welcoming Baby Kade into this world has truly been the most surreal experience to walk through together. Every moment with him just seems to glue this new family together, and we are so excited about the future we know God has in store for his life."

Tori isn't the only pregnant Bates right now — Carlin, Whitney and Erin Bates are all also expecting babies within the next few months. While Erin and Whitney are expecting their fourth and fifth child, respectively, Carlin announced in September she and husband Evan Stewart were pregnant with their first.

"This past year has been a whirlwind of excitement and love, from wedding planning, to the most magical day of my life when I said 'I do,' and just when I think life can't get crazier, busier, or happier, I find out I'm pregnant!" she wrote on Instagram at the time of her announcement. "I feel so grateful and in awe of the miracle of a tiny life growing inside of me! I can't imagine that my life could be any more blessed!"

Carlin added to PEOPLE that being pregnant alongside her sisters has only made her first time more memorable.


"I've learned something from each one of them," she told the outlet. "They've already answered so many questions that I've had. I know we have bonded even more, now that we have motherhood in common. My sisters are my best friends."

Photo credit: UPtv