Ashley Graham Shares Candid Snap of Her Pumping 'Liquid Gold' Breastmilk for Baby Son Isaac

Ashley Graham is showing the superhuman side of motherhood again. The 33-year-old model posted a new photo of her breast-pumping for her baby son Isaac. "Trying the Medela again... Have a trip coming up and I don't want to deal with big Bessy Spectra," she captioned the quick snap.

She followed up the story with a quick update — a new photo revealing the 25 ounces she pumped. "Liquid gold. I pumped for 30 mins," she said.

Graham and her husband Justin Irvin welcomed home baby Isaac in January of this year. The couple shared the announcement via Instagram. "At 6:00PM on 01/18/2020, we welcomed 7lbs 5oz of love into our world," the new mom shared. "Meeting our son has made our hearts incredibly full."

Since giving birth to her son, now just one month shy of turning 1 the mom has made sure to offer her platform as a space to be open and honest about the highs and lows of motherhood. On her Instagram alone, Graham has opened up about mom-shaming, loving her new postpartum body, and truths people don't reveal when it comes to becoming a mother.

Graham posed nude as she breastfed her son for Elle's August 2020 issue, where she opened up about the new addition to her family as well as how she and her crew have been adjusting to life in quarantine while staying in Nebraska.

"I've had to learn how to be creative and how to live under one roof with my mom, her boyfriend, my husband, and my son," she told Elle. Graham went on to explain how her family has been managing to get through these times. "It's been hard to see what's happening around us. But I believe we need to stay positive, so we've been doing a lot of affirmations. One of the main affirmations that we repeat all the time is "Fear Not." We've got Bible verses that go with Fear Not; we've got songs. That's one way we have combated a lot of the fear. We turn the TV off as well."

In between the time she spends handling her motherly duties, the model remains busy gracing magazine covers and working on her Pretty Big Deal podcast. Recently, the star and her mother hosted a mother-daughter get together with Jada Pinkett-Smith and her mom Adrienne Norris.


"It is beautiful to hear how your relationship has shifted and grown so much from childhood, to adulthood, to Gammy helping raise your kids, and now working together on @redtabletalk," Graham said of their conversation. "As you said, when it comes to motherhood, it's never one size fits all, and this was such a good reminder for all of us!"