Ashley Graham and 53-Year-Old Mom Pose for Body-Positive Swimwear Campaign

At 30 years old, Ashley Graham has already done some major ground work in the body positivity department — but one thing she couldn't check off her list until recently? Starring in a swimsuit campaign opposite her mom.

Linda Graham, the model's 53-year-old mother, joined Graham for a photo shoot promoting Graham's body-positive swimsuit line, Swimsuits For All.

The two posed in a variety of swimwear, from skimpy bikinis to full coverage one-pieces and everything in between.

Despite looking like a natural in front of the camera, Linda told Vogue that she'd never worn a string bikini before, let alone posed in one for a major swimwear campaign.

"I had never put on a string bikini. Ever," she said, adding that her personal taste was always a bit more modest.

The Moroccan-set shoot may have pushed her out of her comfort zone, but the challenge proved exhilarating.

"Here I am at 53 years old and in a hot pink string bikini [on set], but I was kind of in love with that swimsuit!" she said.

Graham stressed the importance of preaching body positivity for people of all ages, not just young women and teens grappling with self confidence and body image.

"What I want is for women my mother's age to feel empowered and to know that they too can look just as hot in a one-piece, a two-piece, or string bikini," Graham said. "I believe that beauty is beyond, age, race, or size, and it's not a trend — at every stage of your life, you can feel beautiful."

Graham shared a snap from the sunny photo shoot on Instagram Monday.

"I got it from my mama," she wrote in her caption. "Introducing @themamagraham in Morocco for my new @swimsuitsforall campaign!"

Graham shared her excitement for working with her mom after the idea was pitched to her by Swimsuits For All.

"When they came to me with the [concept] I was like, that is such a good idea, don't even ask her — I'm going to tell her! She has no choice!'" she said.

"[My mother] was with me from the start and helped me through all the trials and tribulations it took to get to this point, so being able to have her actually in front of the camera with me and modeling my designs felt like such a surreal moment," she added.


Linda told Vogue that her daughter has been helping her break out of her comfort zone and that last year, the two posed in bikinis while in Bali — the first time she'd donned a two-piece swimsuit in 30 years.

"It was fun because when we were [in Bali] taking pictures in our pool, Ashley was giving me pointers and tips, and so when this opportunity showed up, it was like, okay, let's do this! It was so comforting having her there, making me feel comfortable — it's funny how the tables have turned," she said.