Artem Chigvintsev Is 'Already' Missing Nikki Bella, Son Matteo While Filming 'Dancing With the Stars'

Nikki Bella may have wanted her fiancé Artem Chigvintsev to go back to Dancing with the Stars as a pro, but he's missing his family while being away. While fans are excited that he's back, due to the pandemic, those involved in the upcoming season must remain quarantined until it's over or they're eliminated. As a result, Chigvintsev says he's missing Bella and their newborn son Matteo.

"Finally got situated in my trailer for the next, hopefully, 11 weeks," the 38-year-old said via his Instagram story according to Us Weekly. "Welcome to my house. I need to swap those pictures behind me to Matteo's pictures to feel like I'm actually home." He recently told Entertainment Tonight, according to Us Weekly, that he sobbed like a baby himself after his sweet boy was welcomed to the world.

"Oh, I was sobbing, like, so bad. Like, I don't think people have seen a man sobbing like that," he explained. "It was awful, but in the most joyful way. I was picking that baby up and putting him on me. And the baby, like, halfway opened his eyes and it just made me feel like, 'Oh, my God. This is the most incredible thing.' This is like the miracle that people talk about, you know? So just that whole experience, I want to relive every single day. Honestly."

The popular dance competition recently announced their celebrity lineup that includes names like AJ McClean, Nelly, Carol Baskin, Vernon Davis and Chrishell Stause. While it's not been announced just yet on who will be paired with who — Bella revealing earlier this year that she hoped if her fiancé were invited back, she wanted him to be paired with former Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe — the Russian dancer did reveal they're already shooting their opening number. "We're shooting our opening number, plus we're doing our first pictures with our celebrity partners. Excited to do that and finally maybe share with you, I guess on the 14th still, who we're dancing with. It's getting closer. I think there's only two days of rehearsals left and then there's showtime so get excited."

Fans recently got a peek at Baskin and her massive weight loss transformation. Naturally, a lot of celebrities will lose weight once rehearsals start because it's three to four hours of non-stop dancing every day for weeks on end, but in Baskin's case, she says while she's discovered muscles she never knew she had, her weight loss has been a thing for a while now. "The stuff that people saw in Tiger King was filmed in 2018," she said according to the outlet. "This has been a two year process, it wasn't just from this. [Rehearsals] made me aware of muscles that I didn't have. There's an awful lot of things that ache!"