Armie Hammer Dad-Shamed for Letting 2-Year-Old Son Suck on His Toes

Armie Hammer is getting hammered online for posting a video of son Ford sucking on his toes on Instagram. The clip appeared on the Call Me By Your Name star's Instagram Story over the weekend, and though it's been deleted it continues to make its rounds on Twitter.

In the video, Hammer and Ford were shown laughing while the 2-year-old sucked on his father's big toe, according to PEOPLE. A woman in the background, believed to be wife Elizabeth Chambers Hammer, could be heard saying, "This is not normal."

Ford removed his dad's toes from his mouth, at which point the actor said, "Alright, no more." The actor later revealed in the video that "this happened for a solid 7 minutes."

Much of the internet appeared to agree with Hammer's wife's sentiment about the toe sucking being bizarre.

"Whoever wished for an armie hammer toe sucking video needs to apologize immediately," one Twitter user wrote.

"When I saw Armie Hammer is trending, I was worried it might be because he put his foot in his mouth, and, well, I was close," another tweeted.

"My Google alert for "Armie Hammer + sucking toes" finally turned up results but it was very much not what I wanted," a third person chimed in.

"i already know armie hammer is gonna come out with a not app tweet where he blames internet for ruining everything/turning everything into something sexual.. no sir that's just NOT normal," someone else added on Twitter.

The video was also reposted by blogger Perez Hilton. In the caption of his Instagram post, he asked followers if they thought it was "Inappropriate or funny??" Hammer's wife weighed in, setting the record straight about the toe sucking incident.

"It wasn't seven minutes... more like five seconds," she commented. "Our son likes to play with people's feet and I put the video on our family stream because this phase is an ongoing joke."

She went on to acknowledge that "sharing the video on Instagram was def not the best move on A's part."

Hammer himself hasn't addressed the incident, nor the backlash he's faced as a result of it. He also hasn't been active on Instagram since the post went up and then disappeared. his comments continue to be flooded with people slamming him over the video, however.

"They should take the custody from you and your wife," one person wrote.


"BUT WHY AJSNKSNSOWNSNEBD," another commented.

"You're sick," someone else added.