Alec and Hilaria Baldwin Reveal Terrible Holiday for Entire Family

Alec Baldwin's family holiday wasn't quite as merry as they hoped it would be, as his wife Hilaria revealed they've all had a pretty terrible time the past week. In a Thursday Instagram post, the mother of seven shared a photo of the couple's infant, Ilaria Catalina Irena, born in September. The adorable little Baldwin is wearing a purple coat and a small knit hat.

In the post's caption, Hilaria explained that she has been "mia" due to the family being "so, so sick" lately. "It's been really tough," she continued, "take 7 kids who go out and collect germs like they are getting paid for it, then come home and generously plant them in our Petri dish of a house, and the heat goes out in record subzero temps. I know so many of you can unfortunately relate. Love to you and sending healthy, warm wishes to each and every one of you. Can't wait to fill you in on how our Christmas was...once I get my lungs and voice back."

Many of Hilaria's followers have replied to the post with sympathetic comments, as a number of them have been dealing with a similar situation. "I relate to this post unfortunately all too well. Revolving door with tiny little breaks in-between... but it doesn't even seem to fully end," one person shared. "Oh, so sorry that's how your holiday vacation went. Hoping all are feeling 100% better soon," someone else added. "So sorry you've all been experiencing so much sickness this season! Sending you all healing vibes," a third user commented.

In one of her other recent posts, ahead of Christmas, Hilaria shared a photo of herself with two of her younger children — Eduardo Pau Lucas and María Lucía Victoria — and opened up about her experiences as a parent. "My motherhood journey has been wild and nothing I could have ever expected," she wrote in the caption. "I'll always be grateful for these twinish beings and their very strong personalities and bond."

She went on to write, "They are at the age where they like to pick out their outfits and toys to bring on walks. Always. Their shoes are ikiki -they have a squeaking feature and come in many animals. Edu's have been hand me downs through my they hold up!" Followers gushed over the post, with one user writing, "Adorable tiny New Yorkers, love their individual style and personalities and their close bond, hope they don't ever change."