Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Reportedly Give Update on Where They Want a Home After Baby's Birth

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are reportedly looking for a home in California after the birth of their son.

Markle gave birth to a baby boy on Monday, May 6. The royal family and all of their admirers were ecstatic, and celebrations are sure to follow, but life may turn international for the family before long. On Sunday, a source close to the couple told The Sun that they are looking for another home in Los Angeles, close to where Markle grew up.

"Ultimately, she is a California girl and can breathe easier there. Hollywood is in her DNA and I think it is where she has always wanted to keep a solid footing," the insider said.

Additionally, the California home might be a place for Markle to escape to as the pressures of royal life weigh on her. The insider noted that she will never face the same kind of scrutiny in the U.S. that she does at home.

"She is a duchess in the UK, but could be a queen in L.A.," they added.

Markle's brother, Thomas Jr., reportedly backed up this claim, saying it would not be long before she bought a house in Los Angeles. Insiders imagine Markle would spend as much time there as she could, allowing her more control over her surroundings and her day-to-day life.

"Who would not like this? Once you grow up as a child on the beach, you are always going to go back to it," Thomas Jr. said. "Meghan was brought up in this environment, moved and is groomed into Hollywood life. The Hollywood lifestyle is the southern California lifestyle – the sun, beach, bright lights, the city, studios and the movie business."

“She will always be a Hollywood southern California woman at heart," he concluded.


Markle and Prince Harry are currently staying at Frogmore Cottage, their rural home outside of the palace. They moved there full time for the end of Markle's pregnancy, and will presumably stay there for their son's infancy. Markle's mother, Doria Ragland, moved into the house with them to help them through the pregnancy and now the early stages with the baby.

As expected, Markle and Prince Harry are being relatively private with their happy news. Markle will not be posing for a photo as Kate Middleton did with her children, and fans may not find out the baby's name for some time. On Monday morning, Prince Harry said that they were "still thinking about names." Markle and the baby are both reportedly healthy and happy.