'Jersey Shore' Star Nicole 'Snooki' Polizzi Reveals How Husband Jionni LaValle Reacted to Her 3rd Pregnancy

Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi is coming clean about her husband's unusual reaction to her positive pregnancy test.

The Jersey Shore: Family Vacation star revealed she and Jionni LaValle were expecting their third child together on Thanksgiving Day, and has been flooding her social media platform with baby bump photos ever since.

"It's the third kid," Polizzi told Us Weekly Monday. "He was like, 'Oh, s–t. Here we go.'"

Despite his lack of enthusiasm at first, Polizzi said LaValle is counting down the days before he meets the baby boy.

"He's been waiting for me to get pregnant," Polizzi explained.

The couple's son Lorenzo, 6, and daughter, Giovanna, 4, are also looking forward to meeting their younger sibling. "They kiss my belly every single day,” she gushed. “They can’t wait for little brother."

Polizzi also opened up about not feeling 100 percent great during her pregnancy.

"I'm super nauseous, much more than I was with my other two," she told the outlet. "I just feel like every day I wake up and there's something wrong with me. My stomach hurts or I'm cranky and I can't move and just to need to lay down. It's really annoying, the pregnancy. It's not my favorite."

However, LaValle has been helping out around the house as Polizzi stays in bed and rests, plus already has experience with her mood swings.

"He lets me rest all day on Sunday. He's just really forgiving with my attitude and he understands it and he helps me with the kids," Polizzi said.

Despite the at-times difficult pregnancy, Polizzi says that as a lover of chaos, she is looking forward to having a loud and big family.

"I'm really excited to be that stressed mom in the grocery store screaming at three kids," she added. "You know, I'm blessed."

Polizzi revealed she will be having a baby boy in a recent gender reveal party, when her son Lorenzo hit a baseball revealing the blue powder.

"I decided Lorenzo was going to hit a baseball and the baseball is going to come out with powder and it’s going to be blue or pink,” Polizzi said in a YouTube vlog.

The reality television personally also previously shared an ultrasound of the baby and talked about the first time she felt her new baby kick.


"I actually Googled it, because I was like, 'Can you feel the baby kick at three months?' And it said seasoned moms — which I am because I have two kids already — you know what that flutter feels like," Polizzi said. "And I definitely felt it and I loved it."

Polizzi and LaValle tied the knot back in November 2014.