Why Kylie Jenner Thinks Travis Scott Cheated

Kylie Jenner reportedly suspected Travis Scott of cheating on her after checking his phone, as her sister and her best friend go through an infidelity scandal of their own.

Jenner has been in the middle of the one of the year's most dramatic celebrity breakups, as her older sister Khloé Kardashian accuses her best friend Jordyn Woods of "breaking up" her family. Now, according to a report by TMZ, the whole scenario inspired some mistrust between Jenner and Scott as well.

"Kylie had a rough week," a source told PEOPLE soon after. "She is still devastated about Jordyn and had an argument with Travis after she checked his phone and saw something that she didn't like."

The source, who represented Scott, had few details on the case, though they said that things calmed down soon after. They emphasized that Scott still maintains his innocence.

"Travis says he didn't cheat," they said.

They also said that Jenner's anger leveled out after a while. They claimed that "Kylie was upset at first," but she "seems better" now, and the future looks okay for the young parents.

"She isn't breaking up with him," they said.

TMZ's original report claimed that Scott's rescheduled show on Thursday was not due to illness as he said, but due to his fight with Jenner. The rapper reportedly decided to stay in Los Angeles and work things out with her rather than flying off while she was angry.

"Buffalo I'm so sorry I can't perform tonight," Scott tweeted at the time. "I'm under the weather and it f—ing sucks! Can't pull up without full rage. Show rescheduled to March 10 all tix are valid. See u soon."

Meanwhile, things are still uncertain between Jenner and her friend, Woods. The two have been inseparable for many years. They have lived together, worked together, appeared on TV together and even made vows of commitment to each other in a kind of platonic wedding ceremony. Then, two weeks ago, reports surfaced that Kardashian's boyfriend, Tristan Thompson, was seen "all over" Woods at a party.


Woods finally told her side of the story this week on Jada Pinkett Smiths' Red Table Talk show on Facebook Watch. The model claimed that many elements of the story going around were false, and that it was Thompson who kissed her in the first place. However, she did accept responsibility for her part in the fiasco and asked for her friends' forgiveness.