Wendy Williams Admits She's Still 'Madly in Love' With Ex-Husband Kevin Hunter Amid Divorce

Her husband's alleged infidelity may have been what led her to file for divorce two months ago, but Wendy Williams has never stopped loving Kevin Hunter.

While appearing at the Black Enterprise FWD Conference in Charlotte, North Carolina on Thursday, the daytime talk show host opened up about moving on both personally and professionally following her divorce filing.

"My husband and I were partners, but I just had to clean the slate and start over. I'm good at this new role, at least I think so, but this isn't new for me," she said, according to The Grio. "I met my husband on my 29th birthday. I was already a property owner. I was already a radio star. I was already the boss of my own life. I'm returning to that life with a bigger platform and I love it."

Prior to the divorce, Hunter had been Williams' longtime manage as well as an executive producer on The Wendy Williams Show, though he exited those roles shortly after his estranged wife's divorce filings.

Williams, who has been spotted with possible new beau Marc Tomblin in recent weeks, went on to admit that her new single life is scary and that despite her broken relationship with Hunter, there is a part of her that will always love him.

"I will say this: There was no one else that knew that I could do this," she said, according. "[Kevin] was the one who told me I could do it. When Kevin entered my life, he was 23 and I was 29 and he was available. It was always me, my attorney and Kevin. His name wasn't on the paperwork, but he was a huge part of that."

"Now, I cheer for myself, but I'm still madly in love with him," she added. "You see it in my eyes."


Williams and Hunter had married in 1997 and share 18-year-old son Kevin Hunter Jr. Although she frequently gushed about him on her daytime talk show and was always seen with her sparkling wedding ring, recent months saw their marriage going through a rough patch after reports surfaced that Hunter was involved with Sharina Hudson, who has reportedly welcomed Hunter's child.

In April, Williams officially filed for divorce after more than 20 years of marriage and has continued to create a further break in her professional ties with Hunter. Along with removing him from her talk show, Williams also dissolved The Hunter Foundation, the philanthropic organization dedicated to helping those suffering from substance abuse that she had launched with her estranged husband in 2014.