Travis Scott Denies Cheating on Kylie Jenner: 'Only Got Love for My Wife'

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott's love is as strong as ever, despite rumors of a cheating scandal.

On Monday, Scott, 26, took to Instagram to shut down speculation that he is cheating on his girlfriend and mother of his child after an account posted a photo of what appeared to be Scott embracing another girl.

"Trolls always wanna create some fake sh– to destroy real love," Scott wrote on his Instagram Stories. "GOING OVER BOARD TO MAKE SHIT LOOK LIKE IS NOT IS EVIL."

"I hate acknowledging sh–. But quit try to take joy from shit that's good. I pray god blocks out all evil," Scott continued before adding that he was going "BACK TO CELEBRATING!!!!" he concluded, referencing the news that his song "Sicko Mode" from his latest album Astroworld reached No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart and Billboard 200 chart.

Scott went on to deny the rumors head-on when a fan posted the image, which even appeared to have a TMZ watermark, and captioned it, "Yo this real!?"

The rapper replied to the post in the comments section by writing, "S— cap a— f— TMZ ain't post this s—. Trolls working hard today. I don't be on balcony wit no thots. That s— lame. Try again u trollsssss. Me and my wifey sturdy. Back to celebrateing [sic] !!!"

He left another comment on the post reading, "Only got love for my wife. No time to be wasting. Try again."

Of course, Scott's use of the term "wifey" got another rumor mill turning, with some fans speculating that he and Jenner may have tied the knot. The flames of the rumor were only fueled when the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star shared a photo of herself with Scott to her own Instagram Stories, adding an engagement ring emoji.

(Photo: Instagram / @kyliejenner)

In November, Scott had been overheard referring to Jenner as his "beautiful wife" during his Astroworld Fest show in Houston, Texas, and in an Instagram post in October, Jenner called Scott "hubby" when captioning a photo of his performance on Saturday Night Live.

At the time, a source claimed that "Kylie and Travis have been inseparable lately, and their love for Stormi just seems to bring them closer every day."


Despite the speculation, neither Jenner nor Scott have commented on the marriage rumors, and it appears that "wifey" and "hubby" are used as affectionate nicknames for the couple rather than confirmation of a secret wedding or engagement.