Todd Chrisley's Ex-Daughter-in-Law Alleges Convicted Reality Star Asked Her to Lie Under Oath

Todd and Julie Chrisley were sentenced to a combined prison time of 19 years after being convicted on multiple counts of tax evasion, fraudulent loans, and wire fraud. The schemes took place over a decade, and tallied up to more than $30 million. When they begin serving their time is unknown, but their ex-daughter-in-law is breaking her silence in Todd's alleged plot to have her lie under oath during her testimony. Alexus, known as Lexie, 31, spoke with Daily Mail about the ordeal. She says she was under intense pressure from Todd in an attempt to see if she had snitched on him, then pushed her to lie for him when she refused to say. She was previously married to his son, Kyle, whom he has been estranged from multiple times.

"During the time when Kyle and I were still married, Todd had his attorneys come to my place of business, to my home, and threaten legal action, trying to pressure me to sign this legal document saying I was not an official informant, all in a bid to find out if I was," she said. "He was trying to put me in the light of being the one who had done the damage [to him and Julie]. He was trying to smoke me out and then have me change everything around. Lie for him. That's what it was about, that's what he wanted us to do." She refused to give in. "I could see how that pressure could make you fold, but I stood on, "No, I'm not going to do it." I stood up for what was right, and he came for me big time," she insisted. 

Lexie was married to Kyle for six years. She says her former in-laws are now getting the justice deserved in the case. "I always knew that justice would one day prevail after years of being silent,' she said. "Finally, through the legal system, and a very long time coming, 12 jurors were able to uncover the real Todd Chrisley, the one I have encountered for years.'"


She adds that she's not the only person in the circle to come under fire from the Chrisleys. "There were a lot of victims that they silenced [over the years] and even the prosecution noted when [Todd and Julie] used the tactic of trying to bring in family members to corroborate their stories and risk perjury – the word perjury was actually used by the prosecution," she said.