'The Good Doctor' Star and Ben Platt Reveal Engagement

Ben Platt and Noah Galvin are engaged! The Broadway star and The Good Doctor actor announced that Platt had popped the question in a sweet Instagram announcement Friday featuring photos from the proposal and showing off Galvin's ring. "He agreed to hang out forever," Platt, 29, captioned his post, while Galvin, 28, wrote on his own, "I said yeehaw and then cried for like 7 hours."

The actors have both starred in the titular role in Dear Evan Hansen on Broadway. After Platt stepped away from the leading role in the Tony-winning musical, Galvin stepped in to replace him in November 2017, and their close friendship eventually blossomed into a romance the two confirmed in May 2020.

"We were friends for five years and right before the pandemic, we finally decided to really give it a shot. We kind of skated around it for a long time," Platt later told Kelly Clarkson the following year of how their relationship went from "zero to 60" when COVID-19 hit. The two began living with Platt's parents in his childhood home during the early days of the pandemic. The Politician's lead star admitted that despite the circumstances, quarantining with Galvin was "exciting," explaining, "Being inside, being in the same room for like a year... He made it feel really magical and special."

This October, Platt confirmed to The New York Times that he had known Galvin for years before he took over as Evan Hansen, contrary to rumors about their romance. "There's this lore that [Dear Evan Hansen is] how we met, but it's not," he explained. "But it's nice to have that detail of him understanding deeply what that experience was. And I feel very lucky to be with him – he's changed my perspective, and made things, in a very positive way, feel a bit smaller and more manageable."


Platt gushed over his now-fiancé in a 2021 interview with Out magazine, saying he finally found "a partner that I really love." The People We Hate at the Wedding star said Galvin "has a really unique ability to help me to ... be present where I am and to make the life that's happening day to day too wonderful to not want to be on the ground for it."