'The Politician' Star Ben Platt Addresses Season 3 Possibility

The Politician star Ben Platt recently addressed the possibility of the political dramedy series [...]

The Politician star Ben Platt recently addressed the possibility of the political dramedy series getting a Season 3 at Netflix. During a Friday Q&A with fans on YouTube — ahead of premiering his new music video for the song "Imagine" — Platt was asked if the fan-favorite show would be coming back for a third season. Platt replied saying that he hopes the show will come back, but that right now he is unsure if or when that might happen.

"I don't know yet, but I would love to do one," Platt said. He later added that "for the moment" there are no Season 3 plans. Platt also explained that he thinks his character, Payton Hobart, needs to "grow older" first and indicated that "running for the [president]" may be in Payton's future. Notably, Season 2 of The Politician ended with a flash-forward of Payton being offered a shot at the Vice presidency by his former Senate-seat rival Dede Standish, played by iconic TV actress Judith Light.

Back in 2019, Platt spoke with Entertainment Weekly about The Politician, explaining that a big part of what drew him to the role was the opportunity to work with series co-creator Ryan Murphy. "He's obviously very brilliant and very one step ahead of the curve," Platt said. He then went on to say that the nature of his character was also a big factor in choosing to accept the role as it was very different from the title character he originated in the Broadway play Dear Evan Hansen.

"I think what was the most attractive for me was that it was a total 180 character-wise from Evan. It was somebody much darker and more conniving, and egomaniacal," he explained. "And the sexuality to him, and the hubris to him, it was just something that stretched me in a way that made me very frightened but I think in a good way. I think that combined with how much I trust Ryan, and how clear his vision was for this particular show, it made it a really easy no-brainer that's the perfect thing to go into next."

Platt also pointed out that, ahead of The Politician Season 2, Payton has big political dreams and intends to do whatever it takes to reach the highest office in the nation. "All I can say is that it's another election in Payton's road to trying to make his way to the White House, or blast us forward to the next political moment in his life."