'The Good Doctor' Promotes 2 Cast Members to Series Regulars for Season 5

Two cast members from The Good Doctor are being promoted to full-time characters. According to [...]

Two cast members from The Good Doctor are being promoted to full-time characters. According to TVLine, Noah Galvin, who portrays the character of Dr. Asher Wolke, and Bria Samone Henderson, who plays Dr. Jordan Allen, have both been promoted for the upcoming Season 5, which is set to air this coming fall. The two actors hopped on board early in Season 4 when they joined for the third episode titled "Newbies," and fans will now be seeing more of them.

In the little time they've been on the show, fans have already witnessed Asher separate himself from his former beliefs before making the choice to get into medical school, and Allen's competitive drive to succeed in her career. As the new and anticipated season quickly approaches, viewers will be able to see more in-depth series storylines between the two as their characters continue to evolve. When they were introduced as recurring guest stars, they also jumped in line along with Summer Brown, who played Dr. Olivia Jackson, and Brian Marc who plays the role of Dr. Enrique Guerin.

In a recent episode of the popular ABC show, fans were left in tears after a tragic ending involving one fan-favorite character. Picking up one day after Lea collapsed after being declared safe to leave the hospital, after a week of waiting, "Dr. Ted" finally answered that burning cliffhanger ending of whether or not she suffered a miscarriage. It had been revealed early in the season that Lea and Shaun were expecting and in the episodes that followed, Lea has experienced numerous complications throughout her pregnancy, ultimately leading to a heart-wrenching loss Monday night. At the start of the episode, Lea's obstetrician had determined that her collapse was the result of ligament pain, though things took a turn for the worse later in the episode.

In that episode, Lea was diagnosed with Type II Vasa Previa and had to have surgery to prevent a possible rupture that could kill the baby. The surgery was carried out by Claire and Drs. Lim and Allen, and although it was a success, Lea developed a pulmanary embolism while in recovery. This required additional surgery to break up the clot in hopes of saving her baby, but tragically, her unborn baby's heart rate was too low and her lungs weren't responding to steroids. Following this, Lea developed another clot, and the baby couldn't be saved, leaving fans in tears as the emotional episode ended.