Talk Show Host Ends 16-Year Relationship Over Alleged Infidelity

English TV and radio host Vanessa Feltz is said to have dumped her fiancé following suspicions that he had cheated on her with multiple women. TalkTV star Feltz, 60, said she was shocked by the suspicions of infidelity surrounding Phats & Small singer Ben Ofoedu, reported The Sun. They were one of the most recognizable couples in show business, regularly appearing together on screen and in magazines during their 16-year relationship. Amid allegations of Ofoedu's repeated cheating with several women, Feltz was shocked to discover his "double life." After many years with the BBC, the presenter recently launched a new show on talkTV. She discovered a trail of emails and social media messages leading her to uncover several infidelities, but she fears there is more to discover. In a statement, Feltz has confirmed she has left Ofoedu because of his behavior but has declared: "Onwards and upwards." As of now, he has moved out of their £3.5million home in St John's Wood, North London. 

Feltz told The Sun on Feb. 5, "I had thought it might take a bit longer before this came out because it's a lot to deal with — a shock like this takes some adjusting to — but I am extremely sad and disappointed that my 16-year relationship with Ofoedu is over.""As an agony aunt [advice columnist], I have said many times that once the trust in a relationship is gone, it can never be repaired or regained. "So I have to take my own advice on this occasion."Who knew I'd be single at 60? However, ladies, it's onwards and upwards and I firmly believe that the best is yet to come." She added, "I hear that Kylie Minogue is single again, so I'm in good company — if she wants to hit the town, hook me up." In 2005, Feltz met Ofoedu after divorcing surgeon Michael Kurer in 2000 due to cheating allegations. The worst of Ofoedu's infidelity apparently occurred because of the return of 90s electro-dance band Phats & Small as a touring nostalgia act. She suspected Ofoedu of using performing as a cover to meet women and party until the early morning hours. A friend said, "Nobody really knows how many women there have been, or who they were, but it seems as though there has been a lot who she simply didn't know — a total double life of lies. 

"He used his band to give himself a foil for going around drinking and sleeping with younger women. "It doesn't sound as though he is even that sorry." It has been a roller coaster ride for Feltz in terms of relationships. She and Michael Kurer were married in 1983, but 17 years later, their union ended. After the divorce, Feltz admitted she was "wary of getting married again." In 2014, she told the How To Fail podcast about how she pleaded with her husband not to leave her and their daughters, even clinging to the wheels of his car in desperation. During the frank conversation, she said, "I don't need to give you all of the details, but effectively I put my arms around the wheels and said, 'Please don't drive away, please don't leave us.'" However, Feltz has also stated that she would "never say never" to getting married again in the future. Ofoedu has not yet commented publicly on the allegations.