Suki Waterhouse Talks 'Isolating and Disorientating' Bradley Cooper Breakup

Waterhouse hinted that there was more to that breakup fans hadn't heard about in the press.

Suki Waterhouse just opened up about her breakup with Bradley Cooper nearly a decade ago, reflecting on how much it impacted her over the years. The English singer-songwriter and actress is the cover story for British Vogue's August issue, and she dedicated a couple of paragraphs to her love life – including Cooper. She alluded to some "dark and difficult" aspects of the breakup that have never been widely reported.

"I really will say that I'm pretty strong at this point, but when something very public happens to you and the story behind it is dark and difficult, and you're actually not doing well, and you can't explain yourself to the world, that's very isolating and disorientating," Waterhouse said. "It probably has taken a decade to work myself out and actually be able to have this expansion in my life."

Waterhouse was 21 years old when she began dating Cooper in 2013. He was 38 at the time. Now, 32-year-old Waterhouse reflects that "Your 20s are pretty sadistic. The love I experienced [then] was only ever a fetishization, and I think when you only get loved in that way, you only get punished. When you get into your 30s you're almost instantly afforded a little bit more respect. It's kind of delightful and shocking at the same time."

Still, Waterhouse said that she believes heartbreak "always stays in you," without mentioning Cooper by name. Little is known about their relationship, which was kept private in the beginning and ended quietly as well. Cooper went on to date Russian model Irina Shayk and have a daughter with her before they broke up in 2019. Today, Cooper is dating model Gigi Hadid, who is three years younger than Waterhouse.

Waterhouse briefly dated actor Diego Luna after her split from Cooper. In 2018, she began dating Robert Pattinson. The two live together in Los Angeles, California and a source told PEOPLE that they got engaged in December, saying: "They are engaged. They both want to be married. It's important for them."

Waterhouse also announced that she was pregnant in November of 2023, and had a daughter in March of 2024. Their baby even joined her on the cover of Vogue. Waterhouse confirmed that the pregnancy was planned in advance, recalling: "One day we looked at each other and said, 'Well, this is as ready as we're going to be.'"