Robin Roberts Bans Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes From Her Wedding, Report Claims

While Robin Roberts was preparing her happy moment, she allegedly made sure the ex-'GMA' hosts weren't there.

Robin Roberts wed fiancee Amber Laight recently, marking the end of a week of celebration of her happiest moment. But according to The Sun, as the source is saying not every part of the wedding was a positive. As they lay out, Robins reportedly barred her ex-GMA co-hosts and friends Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes from the event.

Despite the pair's exit from the network and daytime news show, it didn't seem like they had many sour relationships publicly. According to the report, the fallout from the outing of Holmes and Robach's relationship is still hanging around.

"Amy and TJ are not invited, and Amy is furious about it. She and Robin were far more than work colleagues, they shared a deep friendship," the source alleged. "When their scandal came out, Robin could have gone to bat for them- she had the power to do that and they thought she would.

"Robin had the power to save Amy and TJ, she is that powerful at ABC, and she didn't," the source continued, according to The Sun. "She could have made the case that despite everything they are two consenting adults, and they were separated, but she chose not to."

As The Sun details, Robach and Roberts were truly close, with the latter essentially saving Robach's life by telling her to get a mammogram live on TV and even saying those very words to Robach. The former co-host agreed and was diagnosed after her test.

Roberts reportedly kept her guest list to a close circle of friends and opted to avoid just inviting people because it would be expected. "She isn't inviting people because she has to," the source noted.

As for the wedding, it went off without a hitch. The couple walked the aisle and didn't let anything spoil the magic moment. Hopefully, after this, Roberts and Robach can find a way to mend their connection. It's certainly not a light topic they bonded over.