Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes Allegedly Have Beef With 'Good Morning America' Anchor

The former 'GMA3' anchors apparently have a blood feud with their former co-worker.

Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes are still off television for the time being, with the former GMA co-hosts taking their time and wrapping up their former lives before the next chapter starts. Robach recently reportedly turned down an offer to return to television, saying she was waiting for the right opportunity to show up.

Their exit from GMA grabbed headlines and seemed to reveal that not everybody was a fan of their romance behind the scenes. According to a report from Radar, the couple is not happy with former co-worker Lara Spencer and feels bitter about her success in the wake of their firing.

While viewers of GMA have been fans of Spencer and her personality on-air, Robach and Holmes allegedly feel bitter because the assumed dip in ratings never came. They also reportedly feel that the show and Spencer rode on their coattails, with their exit and romance creating more interest in GMA.

"[Robach asnd Holmes] badmouth Lara to industry contacts every chance they get, and their sour grapes poison every conversation they have about GMA," the source admitted to the outlet.

Apart from their former workplace, Robach and Holmes seem to be very happy with each other in the months since their departure. "They're very happy and talking about when and where to marry," the source alleged. Robach is officially divorced from ex-husband Andrew Shue, while Holmes has filed for divorce from his wife Marilee Fiebig. The latter is said to be devastated by the turn of events and plans to "take him for everything he's worth" according to allegations from insiders.

Robach was reportedly offered a million-dollar deal at NewsNation, which made a splash by signing Chris Cuomo after his scandalous CNN exit. The network reportedly only wants Robach, so it seems she is likely the pass on the deal. Radar notes that they've met with CBS Media Ventures, CNN, FOX and others, looking to host a talk show with each other similar to Live With Kelly and Mark.