Pregnant Khloe Kardashian Reportedly 'Can't Stop Crying' After Tristan Thompson Alleged Cheating

Khloe Kardashian was reportedly devastated by videos that appear to show her boyfriend and baby [...]

Khloe Kardashian was reportedly devastated by videos that appear to show her boyfriend and baby father Tristan Thompson cheating on her over the weekend.

The 27-year-old NBA player was in New York City on Saturday night, ahead of the Cleveland Cavaliers' game Monday against the New York Knicks.

In a video clip obtained by DailyMail, a man who appears to be Thompson kisses a woman in an NYC club. The outlet spoke to multiple other patrons, who said that Thompson and his teammates were in the club for two hours. Meanwhile, a TMZ video shows the same man and woman returning to the Cavaliers' hotel in the early hours of the morning.

The news reportedly broke Kardashian's heart. The pregnant reality star is preparing to deliver her daughter any day now. Sources close to Kardashian told HollywoodLife the 33-year-old "can't stop crying."

"Khloe is devastated and has been brought to tears after seeing the pics of Tristan with another woman," an insider said. "Her pregnancy is supposed to be the most special time in her life, and instead it has been ruined by Tristan and is becoming the most painful.

"It breaks her heart to see the man she loves with someone else. It hurts and she is feeling super emotional right now especially because she is really pregnant so all of her feelings are more intense. The whole situation is horrible and Khloe doesn't know what she is going to do right now, she can't stop crying."

Khloe wasn't the only one who felt betrayed by the breech of commitment. Users on Twitter tore into Thompson, mocking his behavioral pattern in romantic relationships as well as his skills on the basketball court.

"Khloe is not taking this lightly with Tristan," another insider told HollywoodLife. "He needs to own up to her immediately on what he did or did not do because if she finds any truth to it he is going to be in a world of s—. Khloe would lose all the trust she has with Tristan and would highly consider breaking up with him ASAP. She doesn't want her child to know that her mother dealt with such awful behavior even if it is the father of her child.

"She dealt with Lamar [Odom] and what he did," the source noted, "and promised herself she would never deal with anything like that again. It is mind blowing to Khloe that Tristan would even be caught flirting with another women let alone doing anything else."

Kardashian herself is reportedly eager to get the childbirth over with and move on to the next step. The reality star has been using Snapchat liberally as she waits in Cleveland, writing "Bored AF" over one recent photo.