Pop Star Postpones Wedding Ceremony — Here's Why

Soyeon and Cho Yu Min won't be walking down the aisle just yet. While the former T-ara member and soccer player are officially married after completing their marriage registration, the couple has decided to postpone their wedding, and the delay is for a very good reason: Cho is heading to the 2022 FIFA Qatar World Cup!

After Soyeon's agency, Think Entertainment, confirmed in January of this year that the couple would be "getting married in November after three years of dating," news surfaced earlier this month that the couple decided to postpone the ceremony. In a statement per Soompi, Think Entertainment announced, "Soyeon and Cho Yu Min have postponed their wedding, that was originally planned for November, to next year. They have completed their marriage registration." At the time, a reason for the delay was not provided, though speculation quickly arose that it was due to the upcoming World Cup. When their marriage was first confirmed, it was reported the couple set the initial November wedding date as it would come after Cho's current season comes to an end. However, his season has been extended now that Cho is a national member of South Korea's evaluation team ahead of the 2022 FIFA Qatar World Cup.

Soyeon confirmed on Nov. 14, when she took to Instagram to break her silence. In a lengthy post, the pop star recalled how on "November 1, we became a married couple, and November 12, we achieved the goal of [Cho Yu Min partaking in] the World Cup." Calling Cho her "now-former fiancé and current husband," Soyeon said Cho asked her if she "remembered our promise two years ago, saying, 'I kept all my promises,'" revealing that before they became engaged, she said, "' Let's get married after Yu Min works hard to become a national representative and goes to the World Cup.'" Soyeon shared that they "ran toward our goal while thinking we set it together, and within two years, Yu Min kept all his promises. I am sincerely grateful and thankful to Yu Min."

"On the day we officially became husband and wife, there was an incident that was painful for everyone just a few days prior," she continued. "I also wanted to sincerely express my condolences, so I could not deliver this news immediately to fans. I wanted to convey it personally, but it was delivered by a news report first this time as well... Like we have until now, we will always continue to look toward the same direction together and live well brightly, enjoyably, beautifully, while being ourselves, and in good health."


Soyeon concluded the post by confirming, "for the wedding ceremony everyone was curious about, we have decided to postpone it as to focus on the World Cup like reported." She explained that "that is how much of an important opportunity it is that we are earnest about" before encouraging her followers to "please show lots of support for soccer player Cho Yu Min as well as the South Korean national soccer team." The couple has not revealed their new wedding date.