This Theory Explains the Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian Dating Rumors as the 'SNL' Comic out for Revenge

As Kim Kardashian continues getting cozy with Saturday Night Live star Pete Davidson, the internet is running wild with ideas. The two have been spotted all around New York since Kardashian's SNL debut last month. They even shared a kiss during a skit. A source told People Magazine that the two are just friends who are "they hang in the same circles so they will be together from time to time." 

Davidson also has a connection to the Kardashian family. Davidson, 27, is friends with Travis Barker through their mutual friend, rapper Machine Gun Kelly. Barker is currently engaged to Kim's older sister Kourtney Kardashian. It appears Kim and Kourtney have even double-dated with Davidson and Barker recently.

But some fans believe Davidson closing in on Kardashian is revenge. Davidson once told Jimmy Fallon that West left him with an expensive bill at Kid Cudi's birthday party. Davidson, who is friends with Cudi, was invited to celebrate Cudi's birthday at Nobu in Malibu. Davidson arrived early and gave the restaurant his credit card with the intention to treat Cudi to dinner, under the impression that it would just be the three of them.  Kardashian and West eventually showed up.

He says West requested the "special room in the back." Things went even crazier when he said West began ordering items that weren't available. In the end, he says the bill "wasn't as bad as you might think, but it's not like it's Applebee's. It's Nobu, which is like 77 Applebee's."

Kardashian, 40, fraternizing with Davidson has reportedly pissed off her estranged husband Kanye West. So much so that West has unfollowed Kardashian, just two months after he refollowed her on Instagram. In a recent interview with Drink Champs, West spoke on the split and seems to be in denial that things are headed toward divorce. "SNL making my wife say 'I divorced him' on TV because they just wanted to get that bar off and I never have seen the papers. We're not even divorced," he said. "So how we — because [it's] no joke to me, my kids want their parents to stay together. I want their parents — I want us to be together."


He also doesn't believe the divorce is Kardashian's decision. "[There] are people all around in my [wife's] ear," he added. "This is a publicist that's next to her," he added. "I don't f–k with her."