Nicole Kidman Fans Fire Back at Trolls Slamming Them About Australian Fire Relief Donation Amount

In light of the devastating wildfires ravaging Australia, Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban donated $500,000 to Rural Fire Services, a firefighting organization in the country. After their donation was revealed, some Twitter users couldn't help but criticize the move for various reasons. But, Kidman's fans have also taken to Twitter in order to defend the actor and her charitable donation.

On Twitter, one user responded to an article about Kidman and Urban's donation and questioned why the pair didn't donate even more. In response, another user explained that there's no use in complaining about someone's gift to charity when you don't know their entire financial situation.

"How much have you donated?. You can expect people to donate more if you do not know what their investments are," they wrote. "Maybe they donate year round. Maybe they can not donate more right now. You just don't know. Say thank you and do you."

"Hmm they have donated millions to charity," yet another person wrote. "Including multiple times to help Australia. Crazy that you can be criticized for helping people."

Of course, all of these positive and negative messages were in response to Kidman and Urban's announcement about their donation. On Instagram, the couple revealed that they would be making a donation to the Rural Fire Services because of the wildfires that are devastating Australia's land at the moment. They also pointed out additional organizations that people could donate to, as well.

"Our family's support, thoughts and prayers are with everyone affected by the fires all over Australia," both Kidman and Urban wrote on their respective Instagram accounts. "We are donating $500,000 to the Rural Fire Services who are all doing and giving so much right now."

In addition to detailing their donation, PEOPLE also reported that Kidman and Urban home is "under threat" and it's a fact that's been weighing heavily on the actor's mind during Golden Globes weekend.


"I'm so sorry I'm so distracted by what's happening in Australia," Kidman, who is nominated for a Golden Globe for her performance in Big Little Lies, told reporters at the Gold Meets Golden event in Beverly Hills.

Kidman and Urban are not the only celebrities who have donated money in order to lend their support to Australia. Pink and Celeste Barber have also pledged major donations to help those in the country.