NASCAR Driver Kyle Busch’s Wife Sends Scathing Message to His Haters

After throwing a mini-temper tantrum at the Coca-Cola 600 on Sunday, NASCAR driver, Kyle Busch has been under fire on social media by fans of the sport for acting like a "3-year-old."

NASCAR fans will recall after the race that Busch showed quite a bit of attitude during a press conference, grudgingly answering one question while picking his, ahem, nose and literally dropping the microphone as if unamused. His actions were then followed by a large sigh.

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Fans took to Twitter to share their disappointment with the 32-year-old's attitude, with some going on to say he was acting like a "3-year-old," while others called him a "baby" and thought they were watching something from a "toddler."

NASCAR legend, Dale Earnhardt Jr. also took to Twitter to defend Busch, stating that the sport needs all kind of personalities and no matter how it looked, he was thoroughly entertained by Busch's actions.

Two days after the event and all the backlash Busch received on social media, the NASCAR driver's wife of seven years took to Instagram to share a scathing message to his haters, making sure they keep their words to themselves.

Sharing an image of the two of them looking ever in love, Samantha Busch captioned the image, "To all those out there with your mean and nasty comments, no one is perfect. Kyle isn't, I for sure am not but neither are you. You don't have to like him because Brexton and I love him more [than] anything and that's all that really matters."


Photo Credit: Instagram / @samanthabusch


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